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Unauthorized Parked
Cars Policy

Unauthorized parked cars policy | Hawkseye, Lewes, Delaware HOA Home Owners Association Frequently, vehicles owned by bikers or hikers using the State path (or other roads in Hawkseye) park in the pool parking lot(s), on our roads, on our grass/swales, regardless of the various “No Parking” signs posted throughout the development. We have received numerous requests from members to manage this situation, and prevent unauthorized parked cars, so to eliminate this practice as simply and efficiently as possible, without affecting vehicles owned by HPOA members or their family and guests, we have researched and created a towing program. Please know that we'd prefer never to tow a car, and will take an extremely conservative approach.

1. Signs have been posted throughout the neighborhood which warn unauthorized parkers that their vehicle will be towed at the owner’s cost.

2. Board members are authorized to call the company with which we have contracted, to arrange for an unauthorized vehicle to be towed.

3. An unlimited number of Parking Permits Stickers is available at no cost for all HPOA members. They can be picked up at any Board Member’s home. If you own a lot in Hawkseye but haven't built your home yet, please be sure to use a Resident Parking Permit when you visit!!

4. You can print Visitor Parking Permits for guests to put on their dashboard if they park anywhere in the neighborhood other than driveways. Please be sure they don’t park on our swales, (they are our storm water management system) as damaged swales are costly to repair.

Hawkseye Visitors Parking Permit

So, if you see a car without a Resident or Visitor Parking Permit on the dashboard parked on our roads, at the poolhouse, or anywhere else it doesn’t belong, contact:

HPS' Assigned Account Manager:

Tel: 302-227-7878 | E-mail Admin@HPSManagement.com

We will do our best to insure that only those cars that don’t belong here will be towed.

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