Bees at Hawkseye in Lewes Delaware

Bees at Hawkseye

This winter (while they are sleeping) Hawkeye will be receiving two periwinkle beehives that are being transferred from their Black Hog Farm location. This should be good news for all our gardeners.

Its location is out of the way off Hawks Nest Circle behind the stonewall back in the corner of the Diver’s lot 45, away from the road on the bike path side.

Hawkseye in Lewes Delaware - Beehives
Beehives at Hawkseye in Lewes Delaware The Lewes Beekeeping Club administers this project, which was enthusiastically approved by the HOA Board of Directors. (For info see Bees have a cruising range of several miles so we don’t believe you will be seeing anything much different around here on a daily basis. There will be several club members driving in once a week to tend the hives for an hour, probably Tuesday mornings.

But that should be not be noticed by anyone outside Hawks Nest Circle. We hope to be hosting an informational presentation for the community sometime next summer which will be announced and posted in the website.
The Lewes Beekeeping Club is a very professional and responsible organization and a great opportunity for Hawkeye. If anyone has any concerns or questions, please contact me, Cliff Diver at 302-228-1830.

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