Winter & Storm Prep

Hurricane Information:

Very Cold Weather:


Please help with effective snow removal and keep our cost down by doing the following:

1. Do not store your cars on the road. Park your cars in your driveway and/or garage – if you do not have the room, arrange with your neighbor, who may have left for the winter, to park in their driveway. The more cars we get off the road, the easier it will be to plow the streets. Those that leave cars on the road will be responsible for digging them out from the snow.

2. Parking in the pool parking lots during the snow storm will make it difficult to plow properly and will be a problem for everyone after the storm.

3. All the driveways will receive the snow plowed from the street, an unavoidable negative of snow plowing.

4. You are responsible for shoveling out your mailbox area if you want to receive mail.

5. Put a note on the dash board of your car with phone number if you do park on the street so it will be easier to notify you if it has to be moved.

6. You will need to remove snow drifts from around the intake/exit vents for your furnace and hot water heater so these appliances will work. The vents are located close to the ground and are easily plugged with snow. If you are away, ask your neighbor if they will check for you. This is important.

7. Now is the time to contact your landscaping company to see if they offer snow shoveling service for your driveway.