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Hawkseye Architectural Requirements and Application

Building in Hawkseye, Lewes HOA Home Owners Association

Hawkseye Property Owner and Builder / Contractor Responsibilities, Construction Application and Checklist can be found in the links above. Hawkseye's Construction Application form includes new construction and renovation.

The Sussex County Building Code

Dear Hawkseye Property Owner,

Your future neighbors welcome you to Hawkseye, a premier community in Southern Delaware. The Hawkseye Declaration of Covenants directs that maintaining the safety and comfort of Hawkseye residents, and the quality, appearance and appeal of Hawkseye is the responsibility of the Hawkseye Architectural Review Committee (HARC). Creation and management of construction policies, procedures and approvals is governed by (HARC).*

HARC approval is required for initial construction of your home, or for any change or addition to your home and/or lot (e.g. pool, fence, room addition, landscaping, hardscape, roofing, change in exterior color including shutters, addition of solar panels, etc.). The information and forms required for our review/approval process are contained in this packet. Submitting all the required information (see Checklist) will ensure that your project can be reviewed efficiently.

Do not break ground, clear lots, drop driveway tubes, or do any work until you have submitted all plans, signed all paperwork, and paid your Application Fee and Construction Security Deposit for each individual lot. HARC will do its best to expedite reviews, but will not tolerate disregard of our approval process. Once approved, construction can commence only after the staked house and driveway are approved by HARC.

We want to cooperate and work well with every Property Owner and Builder, but adherence to HARC’s policies and procedures is critical to avoid issues that can become expensive to both Property Owners and Builders.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact your Hawkseye Architectural

Review Committee members.


Your Neighbors on the Hawkseye Architectural Review Committee

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