Hawkseye, Lewes, Delaware HOA Home Owners Association

Pool Info and Policy

2019 Season

  • Opening Date: Closed
  • Closing Date: September 15, 2019
  • Hours of Operation: 6:00 am – 9:00 pm (Open Swim)
  • Pool party reservation, form and payment required three (3) weeks prior to event date

Internet Wi-Fi is available:
Network: Hawkseye
Password: hawkseyepool

Pool Chair: TBD

Best Aquatic Management: 443-614-4789

Pool keyfab | Hawkseye, Lewes, Delaware HOA Home Owners Association

A Pool pass / Keyfob is required to enter the pool. How to obtain a keyfob can be seen below or in this link.

Community Pool | Hawkseye, Lewes, Delaware HOA Home Owners Association

Pool Management Company:
Best Aquatic Management (BAM) will be responsible for maintaining the pool area, maintaining the chemicals for the pool, and cleaning the pool. Each morning, an attendant will conduct a daily inspection of the building, supplies, equipment and furniture to ensure that nothing is damaged or missing.

Outdoor Kitchen:
The kitchen is there for everyone’s convenience. Please be courteous and clean up after each use. Notify a pool committee member if the current tank of grill gas is empty.

Cleaning Service
Best Aquatic Management will also coordinate the cleaning, and will be responsible for the pool deck, furniture, outdoor kitchen, and bathroom cleaning.

There will be no Lifeguards on duty this season except for pool parties which may require them. When the guard is on duty they are in charge at all times and have the authority to enforce all pool rules.

Unguarded Pool Policy:
The pool will be available for property owners and their guests to use during open hours. During these times, use of the pool and pool area will be at the owners’ and their guests’ own risk. To use the pool, all property owners and guests must be at least 14 years old or be supervised by someone 18 or older.

Penalties for Underage Swimming or other Violation of Pool Rules/Policies:
The following penalties will be imposed for property owners and their families who do not follow the pool rules/policies:

- For the first offense, the property owners will receive a verbal warning.

- For the second offense, pool privileges for all family members and guests (which includes all your pool passes should you have more than one) will be deactivated for a period of one week.

- For the third offense, pool privileges will be disallowed for the balance of the season for all family members and their guests.

The pool management company or any property owner can report offenses of age limit or other rules/policies to a Pool Committee or Board Member. The property owner(s) will then be contacted and appropriate action will be taken.

Pool Access:
The pool gate will be locked at all times by the electronic locking system. The gate should not be propped open nor should a pool pass be left for others to use. Entering and exiting the pool area requires a pool pass. This means that you will need the pool pass to enter the pool area. This pass will be registered to individual property owners and will electronically log when you enter and exit the pool area. It is mandatory that all property owners, family members and their guests use their own passes to enter and exit the pool.

Pool Pass:
Two pool passes are included in the New Owner Fee for recently transferred lots. Property owners can purchase up to a total of four passes if needed at a cost of $20.00 each. Once you have a pass, it can be used indefinitely. If you lose a pass, report it immediately to TBD so the pass can be deactivated. A replacement pass will be issued for $20.00. If you are moving, please contact HPS; the new homeowner can obtain passes as discussed above.

Your pass will only work during times the pool is open. When the pool is not available for use, the pass will not allow entry. The pool and pool area are not to be used after the posted closing time.

Except for immediate family members, overnight house guests and child care providers (18 or over rule applies), your pool pass may not be used by anyone without the property owner being present. Failure to comply will result in the penalties stated above.

For Board memebrs: Genrating a a Pool pass (Key FOB) process

Pool Area Maintenance:
As noted above, Best Aquatic Management will be cleaning the bathrooms, pool deck area, kitchen, and furniture. However, it will be the responsibility of those property owners using the pool to clean up the pool area and ensure that all pool furniture is properly arranged and the umbrellas closed (to prevent damage from winds). Each person is also responsible for maintaining the neatness and cleanliness of the pool area by disposing of their trash in the bins provided. The bathrooms will remain unlocked so they will be available for use at all times. We have installed light sensors in the bathrooms so lights will automatically come on when you enter. If you notice any damage or equipment missing when you enter or leave the pool area, please report it immediately to a Pool Committee Member. The cleaning schedule is the following:

On Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Best Aquatic Management will arrange furniture, pick up trash and pool toys, empty trash cans, wipe down tables and kitchen.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday Best Aquatic Management will clean the restrooms, refill supplies and empty the trash.

- Emergency telephone - There is an outside phone for emergency (911) use only. Remember, for all emergencies, dial 911 and give the location of the pool which is 35459 Red Tail Court, Lewes, DE 19958.

- First Aid Kit- One is provided in the outdoor kitchen

- AED Defibrillator- One is provided and will be hung on the pool house wall

- Fire Extinguishers are located in the outdoor kitchen & at the side of the pool pump room

- Bathroom lights are activated by both motion and light sensors and will activate only when someone enters and it is fairly dark.

Pool Parties:
Pool parties are available; however you must fill out a pool party reservation form in advance (3 weeks prior) for approval by the Pool Committee. Depending on the number and age of guests a lifeguard may be required during a pool party at the host owner’s expense. The host family is responsible for set-up, cleaning afterwards, and all expenses stemming from the party.

Pool Party Reservation Form

First come, first served basis. You must have a Hawkseye tag on your vehicle or you may be subject to towing. Guest vehicles must display a properly completed guest parking pass or be subject to towing.

2019 Hawkseye Pool Rules and Policies
1. It’s summertime, so all guests must have fun. No crying, whining, complaining, teasing, or fighting. Applies to everyone, not just children.

2. No lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk, and never swim alone.

3. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult (someone over the age of 18)

4. Do not allow other residents/guests to access pool with your keycard because keycards may be deactivated for violations or financial reasons.

5. Do not prop the pool gate open; a locked gate is required by law.

6. For safety reasons, do not use the slide head first. Obey all posted slide rules.

7. Swim diapers must be worn at all times for toddlers and infants. Fecal accidents must be reported to Best Aquatic Management immediately: 443-614-4789.

8. No glass containers are permitted in the pool area.

9. No Boogie Boards or Skim Boards allowed in the pool.

10. Please be considerate of others at the pool and our neighbors. Keep the noise level down and refrain from using foul language, profanity, and smoking. Radios, CD players, Ipods, etc. must be kept at a low volume.

11. Proper swim attire must be worn. Loose threads clog the pump and trigger costly repairs.

12. Please clean up after yourself. Trash and refuse must be placed in the proper container. Close umbrellas after each use so the high winds don’t destroy them.

13. Running, shoving, fighting, and other forms of horseplay are prohibited in or around the pool. Bikes, skateboards, roller blades, etc. are not to be ridden or stored in the pool area.

14. No pets are allowed inside the pool fence.

15. Vacate the pool area immediately if lightning is seen or thunder is heard.

16. Violation of these rules may result in loss of privileges depending on the severity of the issue (at the discretion of the Pool Committee):

▪ First violation is generally a warning.

▪ Second violation will generally be a 1-week suspension (deactivate card access)

▪ Final violation will generally result in eviction for the balance of the season (deactivate card access)

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